The Universe of Love – featuring Prabha Sharma Sajan

Poetry conversations
I am a Love universe~~~
In love with all~~~
In the deepest chamber ~~~
Oh Qalb~~~
There is a spiritual fragrance of light~~~
That light can expand and excite ~~~
I know~~~
My heavy breath~~~
In a lotus dance~~~
I am slayer of the gaze ~~~
Interlacing your fibres with my love fluid~~~
Upward rising~~~
In silent explosions~~~
The caress of cosmic fusion~~~
Unlock Me~~~
Release this chastity belt of longing~~~
All is a matter of perception~~~
and yours is beyond space and time~~~
You are the witness~~~
~~~and Prabha is the scent
Now its dark~~~
Moon is ripe~~~
Night is thirsty~~~
High tides colliding on the stormy shores~~~
Let’s go~~~
Find me a cave ~~~
Where you can whisper the wind’s song in my ears~~~
and undress the earth~~~
Tears of enlightenment~~~
Smudging kohl~~~
Like a flower~~~
~~~She will drink the rain
~~~The universe seems to come alive
~~~With these verses
~~~It rehearses
~~~the rhythms of life
~~~Unbounded abundance of
~~~Love joy and bliss
~~~It holds back
~~~Till a time comes
~~~Brimming with joy
~~~It must give back
~~~In bursts of ecstasy
~~~And breathtaking splendor
~~~Overwhelmed and overpowered
~~~She surrenders
~~~With a deeper realisation
~~~Of having arrived
Where she always wanted to be~~~
Your verse a bouquet of ecstasy ~~~
lifts the vibration of nuances~~~
swinging on the passion song of life ~~~
weaving the elixir of love into the Soul ~~~
~~~Who wins in the game of life
~~~Who bemoans
~~~Who cares
~~~Everything stands still
~~~No desire left behind
~~~Love or longing
~~~Except for a quiet purposefulness
~~~That’s beyond thoughts and words
~~~The realm of solemn
~~~Unspoken deep silences
And a pregnant pause~~~

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