Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi: Could he be India’s next Prime Minister in these troubled times?

4 days to go.
Modi’s resignation by 14th January, as I could foresee a month back, even as it may still come as a pleasant surprise to many even now, will be the best thing to happen to India after a long time. How could I see this coming when many others seem to believe that India will have to bear with this corrupt crook for another 20 years as by then he will have placed his puppets in all key positions? Like the JNU VC Malamadi, a most despicable Electrical Engineering professor from IIT Delhi who treats Social Sciences or “Quali” as “hot air” like so many fellow IITians do, bending more towards the “Quanti” which for most Modi’s andh-bhakts relates to the population of certain communities.

The question really for me is whether Narendra Modi will resign gracefully or be thrown out of office in utter disgrace. More than him though, the bigger challenge will be to manage his andh-bhakts who are likely to throw in fits of rage, depression, and trauma not different than those of some of the fraudulent self-proclaimed “godmen”, we have witnessed in recent times.

One, right from the beginning of his first term in 2014, everyone in the BJP I know – Ramlal ji, Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (till the time he came under the evil influence of another fanatic “Quanti” guy and rabid Islamophobic Vijay Chauthaiwale), Dr. Joshi, Advani ji sees him as a usurper to the premier position, a necessary evil who could attract the moneybags at a time when Congress Party under Sonia-MMS duo was taking the country away from its Hindu roots and many old-timers, honest to the core, idealist and good thinking people referred to BJP as Bhikhari Janta Party. They had no choice to keep quiet and hide their deep anguish and resentment even as they rarely vented it in public. As a deep insider, however, I have been privy to the inner conversations and chose to be the torchbearer for truth and weather the storm.
One such occasion was at Udaseen Ashram when Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi confessed that he must have committed sins in his past life that he had to get into today’s murky world of politics. A senior statesman who played a stellar role in exposing the coal mafia as head of the Public Accounts Committee, besides his numerous contributions as Union Minister for Human Resource Development and a deep understanding of Indian culture and civilization. A rare species in the political habitat of India. In the emerging federal structure, he is likely to be lots more accessible to Chief Ministers across the political spectrum.
modi jhola cave
Modi’s predicament today is more like Angulimal, in the folklores, who robs people to run his family and makes a garland by cutting one finger of his victim. But when a sage asks him if his family members are willing to partake of his sins, they refuse. This shakes the robber to the core and he picks his jhola and becomes Maharishi Valmiki. I won’t be surprised if fraudster and mass murderer Modi does a similar introspection and becomes a famous sage meditating in the caves of Kedarnath.

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