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The New Normal: Has the CoronaVirus Pandemonium turned our world Upside Down?

By Chandra Vikash*

We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in between stories. The old story, the account of how the world came to be, and how we fit into it…sustained us for a long period of time. It shaped our emotional attitudes, provided us with life purposes, and energized our actions. It consecrated our suffering and integrated our knowledge. We woke up in the morning and knew where we were. We could answer the questions of our children.

– Thomas Berry, cultural historian.

raising stndards solitude

“I love agitation and investigation and glory in defending unpopular truth against popular error.

– James A. Garfield

Especially as I have always found Chandra an intelligent and thoughtful poster. I am not saying the forum should become a Gates foundation discussion area but if Degrowth is to become anything it should be open to listening to people’s lived experiences. Degrowth will not succeed without holistic systems thinking. I highly recommend you listen to Vandana Shiva if you get time as she is esp good on how the Gates foundations and others are destroying local communities in India.”

– Di Forsyth Member JTDR

Transcript of conversation in a “closed group” – Join The Degrowth Revolution (JTDR) – a global think-tank of sorts to which I was invited last year by the Asia coordinator of #FridaysForFuture climate emergency movement started by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg. This connects the “dots” on Degrowth that challenges the dominant Limitless Growth agenda powered by greater technological advancements; CoronaVirus Pandemic and the ensuing Lockdown; Herd Immunity via socialized infection of a critical mass or through another vaccine for Covid-19, the disease caused in people with a prior illness or in high viral load conditions like in most allopathic hospitals that are claustrophobic, air-conditioned and aerosol-heavy due to various disinfectant vapors used.

This started with this post on 25th April 2020, which the moderator deleted the next day due to heavy traffic and though till the time I participated in the interaction, the comments were sincere albeit some were very sharp and strong. My assessment is that the moderator, in his wisdom, deleted it unwittingly, bcoz he might actually support my position deep in the inner recesses of our minds. Daniel Goleman’s delves deep into this subject in his book Vital Lies, Simple Truths, in which he calls out the Third Kind of Lies – that we overtly tell ourselves. But the Truth however unpopular it may be at some times, prevails over Ms. Popular Error, as I share in the end as a parable: How Truth Always Wins. There are some things, that I accept in all my humility, we may never know. We only know that we don’t know. Amen!

america vaxy disinfectant

Kirk Hall (Admin/Moderator): “I have removed a post about drug testing in developing countries. It is an important issue but I removed the post because of the conspiratorial style of the post and the tone of the debate that followed.

The post accused Bill Gates of killing people in India and Africa.

Yes, we need to question why some drug trials are carried out in developing countries. I presume one reason is that safeguards are lower. That is despicable.

Here in the west, we were alerted to this by media including the 2005 movie, “The Constant Gardener” loosely based on a real-life case in Kano, Nigeria involving antibacterial testing on small children.””

Referring to Kirk ‘s post (that was by now muted bcoz of high traffic of comments raising the heat with strong arguments for and against), I wrote:

Dear Kirk,

I respect your decision to delete my post on a humanitarian crisis caused by Mr. Bill Gates fanatic and unscientific pushing and peddling of all kinds of toxic and injurious vaccination and to assert that his position is just a mirror image of Mr. Donald Trump’s disinfectant-injecting therapy to treat Covid-19 disease.

Yet, I am dismayed that you may not be trusting the group’s judgment to comment or ignore a particular post. The exchange with Rebekka Power was a useful one, sincere and sharp despite the strong difference of opinion. I am certain that there was no spamming involved. Next, I find your post informing on the deletion too has been muted for further comments.

In the larger interest at a time when the human race has to take a key decision on herd immunity via socialized infections of a critical mass as many leading epidemiologists have vouchsafed for or to wait for the Covid-19 vaccine that Mr. Gates is pushing for and which must go through scientific and humanitarian trials, may I request for a review of your decision?

Best Regards,

Chandra Vikash

Joy-Mari Cloete: ” Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

The most frightening [polio] epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines are all linked to vaccines.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

In 2009, the Gates Foundation-funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

South African newspapers complained, ‘We are guinea pigs for the drug makers.”

Ref: Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination • Children’s Health Defense

Chandra Vikash: “Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. The Gates Foundation spends only about $650 million of its $5 billion dollar budget on these areas. They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe.”
This is a damning indictment. Thanks for the valuable information. Can we join hands to stop his agenda with the Covid-19 vaccine?

Joy-Mari Cloete: Chandra Vikash I feel powerless to do anything. Jess Lawson Debunk the article rather than focusing on its source. (Jess Lawson later deleted his comment saying that the article was not from a credible source.)

Mark Allen: It is really important that groups such as this do not stray from their terms of reference. There are many other avenues on Facebook to have this discussion. Groups such as this are a window to focus on common ground and in this case it is the need to transition to a degrowth society. It is the role of moderators to ensure that groups stay on course. Otherwise what’s the point of having separate groups on Facebook if it just becomes a place to discuss all kinds of issues? Perhaps you could post the link in the comments to show people where they can take this conversation up elsewhere in FB but please understand that people who run groups such as this have to keep it relevant to the topic.

Chandra Vikash: Coronavirus Pandemic and the political response of Lockdown and Swedish exceptionalism of evidence-based decisions to build Herd Immunity is a watershed development for the Degrowth Revolution.

There are 2 routes to achieving Herd Immunity.

One, is through socialised infection of a critical mass in an intelligent way.

This has 3-fold objectives. a, to minimise fatalities of the vulnerable sections with risk factors; b, to minimise its economic impact of a complete lockdown or customised checks and balances and c, to leverage the opportunity to usher into a green revival looking at the larger picture of toxic growth, climate emergency and growing inequality and injustice, what de facto Degrowthers have been calling out for. This emphasises localisation and circular economy which also builds greater immunity to all kinds of virus and other pathogens.

corona 2

The other route is to wait for a Covid-19 vaccine which must come through a due process of trials. There is also a suspicion that vaccines are being used as a tool of genocide and/or enslavement, even as much of this is undercover. The other big issue is that with new far stranger and dangerous Permafrost viruses on the way, developing vaccines every time a paandemic hits human race, is not a good idea, anyways.

It would be a travesty to miss out on this opportunity that is knocking at our doors.

Mark Allen: Agreed but I don’t see the connection surrounding narratives around Bill Gates and the vaccination issue. I am not saying that this isn’t an important topic but it does not relate to the degrowth movement. The fact that this pandemic is a window of opportunity to show the world that degrowth is possible, is definitely true.

Chandra Vikash: Mark Allen Notably, the other group moderated by Kirk is called Degrowth -It’s Urgent.

As a systems thinker, my duty is to bring out non-obvious linkages or to connect the “dots”. I stand my ground. Bill Gates’ vaxxy agenda is not only relevant to Degrowth Revolution, but it is also far too critical to be left unattended.

Mark Allen: Fair enough but we will have to agree to disagree on that one.

Chandra Vikash: I respect your viewpoint even if I may not agree to it.

(An admin turned off commenting for this post.)
Kirk Hall (Admin): Environmental and social justice advocates must choose their battles. For me, that does not include drug testing in developing countries (unless I come across reputable, mainstream media reports).

If a significant number of countries don’t adopt Degrowth then our children face a grim future. One country must lead the way. That will only happen if enough citizens understand Degrowth. Spreading the Degrowth message is a massive task. That is the battle I have chosen and I thank members for joining me.

Corporations have committed many crimes against the planet and it’s inhabitants. Bill Gate’s vaccine program might be criminally flawed or it might be a conspiracy theory – I don’t know. Sadly, I don’t have time for that battle. I have decided there are enough other, clearer, battles to discuss in this group.

Any future posts about vaccines will be removed and that member might also be removed.

vaxxy scam andhra

Les Kuzyk: Awesome strategy Kirk Hall, I have data today of 1.36 million vehicles, that burn 3.1 billion litres of fuel, that will be the basis of an improved way of calculating planets consumed … does Australia have a national census done by a Statistics Department ? Picking battles, yes, and at times multiple battles at once

Kirk Hall: “Australian Bureau of Statistics”. Not sure if the collect that type of data. Might be the EPA. Tagging people who have been involved in this discussion recently:

Chandra Vikash, Joy-Mari Cloete, Mark Allen, Jess Lawson, Rebekka Power, Sonya Burey, Jill Kellow, Rosanna Odell, An Pl.

Rebekka Power: Agree completely with your decision Kirk

Rosanna Odell: I didn’t realise that previous post I was commenting on was about testing vaccines in India. I thought it was more about the ridiculous conspiracy theory that gates is trying to depopulate the world by killing them off with well produced vaccines like the polio vaccine.

Di Forsyth: Kirk I understand where you’re coming from with this and as it’s your group you absolutely have the right to set the rules. But given that Chandra actually lives in a region that has a very troubled history with the Gates foundation and given that much of this history is intimately connected with the growth agenda I think it’s worth giving him the benefit of the doubt. There are very few people from “developing” nations on this forum and surely to God we should not be coming down heavy-handed when we finally do get the opportunity to hear global voices, not just those from the richer countries.

Especially as I have always found Chandra an intelligent and thoughtful poster. I am not saying the forum should become a Gates foundation discussion area but if Degrowth is to become anything it should be open to listening to people’s lived experiences. Degrowth will not succeed without holistic systems thinking. I highly recommend you listen to Vandana Shiva if you get time as she is esp good on how the Gates foundations and others are destroying local communities in India.
Rosanna Odell: Di Forsyth some interesting points you’ve made there. Thanks for mentioning Dr Vandana Shiva and her critique of Gates. While her argument could easily help conspiracy theorists arguments, she’s taking a different tack, the local is better, the earth can look after itself if we nurture it and we don’t need big technological solutions to fix the earth (if we just work fast enough!!). I can completely see how this fits into the degrowth narrative now and I would really like to learn more. I had only learnt about gates and his polio work not about his work with patenting seeds. It’s seems that the patenting may not be the right way to go (even if gates thinks that he is truly doing the right thing-it doesn’t mean he can’t be wrong)

Based on the comment above, I am starting to see the link between the critique of gates and degrowth (I was blinding thinking gates is doing only good rather than looking at individual programs). Gates focus on technological solutions rather than localism may be leading him to make the wrong choices with some of his programs. This interview is very interesting about the patenting of seeds is not the best way forward. What do you think

Kirk Hall and others? Does Vandana Shiva have a point? I think Gates thinks he’s doing only good things but is he right on patenting these seeds? 
Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto‘, Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24
Kirk Hall: Vandana Shiva, is one of my heroes. I was alerted to the fact that she has criticised Gates by Di Forsyth’s comment. I had just finished watching that video when I saw your comment. I will comment shortly.
This and two recent posts on Bill Gates have highlighted the importance of clear communications. Sadly, we live in a world of sound bites and shallow thinking. The average person devotes very little time to researching environmental and social issues.
Spreading the Degrowth message is critical, especially during the pandemic while there is a mood for change. Every moment spent deciphering unclear posts and comments is a moment wasted. Some topics are clear: the polio vaccine saved countless lives and prevented enormous misery; children should be given measles vaccines. Yet there are fringe groups circulating anti-vaccination nonsense.
I suspect that Vandana Shiva has good cause to criticize Bill Gates. Sadly, I don’t have time to follow up this import issue as I am following up many other important issues.
Given the proliferation of conspiracy theories, members posting about topics that might be misunderstood have an obligation to be clear and concise so that others can also continue fighting the many other battles.
Rosanna Odell: Kirk Hall I love your comment. I think the lesson learned is that memes are very very unhelpful.
Kirk Hall: Rosanna Odell Or perhaps unclear memes are unhelpful.
Chen Gai: Kirk Hall – I am of the opinion that ALL memes are unhelpful. No matter the message, they are designed to ignite the “click and share” response only, without critical thought, even without spellcheck. When I hear that stupid unlicensed clip music soundtrack, I am gone.
Rosanna Odell: Kirk Hall to clarify all memes need to have a description with them on what the posters think of the meme.
Chen Gai: Bill Gates is a billionaire. There is no way Degrowth can be aided by even the existence of billionaires. Nothing is sustainable while they exist. And when their children take over the foundations that harvest progress from society to feed a limitless ego, life on Earth will only get worse for populations overall.
Chandra Vikash: Appreciate your moderation. I am open to accept alternative view points as well as stick to the core agenda of Degrowth Revolution on this forum here.
Yet, as a systems thinker given to seeing non-obvious linkages and a well-researched, practiced and lived capacity to connect the “dots” for nearly 2 decades, I must share the description to the “unclear” meme on Bill Gates’ vaccine agenda in the light of Covid-19 vaccine to contain CoronaVirus Pandemic and how it is highly relevant to the DR agenda.
1. The crux of the matter is not just the authenticity and credibility of information available on this one critical issue. The deeper issue is what has been long since pointed out as a fundamental flaw that limits the power of the Internet to effectively change the world for the better. And that is THIS – OVERWEANING THIRD PARTY CONTROL – CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENTS OF “SOVEREIGN” NATION-STATES OVER THE INTERNET.
2. We saw what trnspired in the FB-Camridge Analytics case. We have seen Wikileaks and whistleblowers taking great risk to inform us about the diabolicl agenda of a section of globalists. It would be naive therefore to disbelieve some post simply bcoz there is no “verifiable and credible” mutually accepted source of information.
3. Even if we are to dismiss that there is a far more practical issue. Nothing that has costs behind can be free. Internet and third party service providers have huge costs that must be paid for by the end-users in some way. The current mechanism of advertisement revenue or corporate sponsorship ultimately depends on continued economic growth engine to be whirring and vrooming at ever greater breakneck speeds to feed the greed and voracious appetite of the stock market and its investors.
4. Hoping that Degrowth Revolution can ride over Facebook and such Third Party Platforms can take us only so far where it does not impinge on the Limitless Growth agenda.

5. As an alternative, I would like to propose a new framework for localisation and minimalist global governance called LACE/GAIA model. In the spirit of Bloom Where You are Planted, I offer to host the global pilot of Localised Abundance and Circular Economy i.e. LACE as well as global hub for Global Assembly of Autonomous and Indigenous community-states as outlined in the presentation on this link below. This is around the area where I have been living for past 7 years in Delhi National Capital Region.

PS: As an aside, even as I believe myself to be a dispassionate systems thinker and activist, my eyes did well-up on reading the compassionate and empathetic comments above esp. from Di Forsyth and Kirk Hall’s response to it. One area where the Indian discourse truly is impoverished is such high-caliber moderation of the national discourse in India. Also, that though India is considered a “poor” and “developing” country, I am privy to treasure chests of knowledge and practices that can bolster and pump-prime the Degrowth agenda in the Post CoronaVirus world as we explore and establish new “normals”.
Amsterdam cycling chic

Global Pilot and Hub for GAIA Earth Parliament: Indirapuram Community-State & Alkapuri World Capital

(Added further: LACE model originates out of a key insight from Ivan Illich and Andre Gorz on the impact of the automobile on human society. This dubious invention has created large tracts of monstrous-sized brownfields that go against the grain of human-scale and ecologically responsive habitats that were predominantly greenfields even in cities. See a research paper here. This dovetails with the finely detailed Permaculture that is now available as an excellent handbook titled Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren. : Sustainable Development Goals, Cultural Diversity and Smart Cities)

Joy-Mari Cloete: The medical field deserves criticism from the degrowth community. It’s not healing us. It’s taking a toll on our wallets, the environment, and our bodies. Vaccines have not eradicated the diseases they claim, Kirk Hall Please don’t think I’m a conspiracy theorist. Disease definitions matter. Diseases also have more than one possible cause.
I’d recommend some authors but I know it’s hard to read “conspiracy nut” authors’ works when one thinks vaccines are beneficent. So I’d encourage you rather to look up how they have defined polio, eg before and after the polio vaccine arrived.
Medical error, alone, kills hundreds of thousands of Americans. And medical error isn’t necessarily that the doctor has prescribed the wrong medicine; rather, medical error can be as result of the doctor prescribing the correct medicine. It could be because of the medical industry’s food pyramid that says animal products are bad for us and plants are good for us.
I’m in the southern hemisphere and I’d be very curious to know how many people die here because of medical error.
And even just something like C-sections… It’s generally unnecessary yet it’s become the default way to birth a baby, even here in a supposed third-world country.
The medical industry needs vast amounts of resources to exist. Is it justified, considering its track record? It perpetuates globalism because how many countries in the global south develop their own medicines, including vaccines?
The medical industry gives, at best, conflicting messages: let food be thy medicine BUT take this pill that has XYZ known contraindications and XYZ known side-effects and you’ll hopefully get better. If you don’t, come back and we can tweak the dosage or put you on something else. Go on a low-fat diet. Don’t eat collagen-rich chicken skin but don’t be surprised when you develop arthritis or when your children develop chicken pox.
So that leaves us thinking we have to pay a doctor to get better yet we’ve been poisoned by pesticides, by exhaust fumes, by VOCs, by PERFUMES, by lead, by asbestos, etc.
The medical industry is slow to recognise the dangers of, eg formaldehyde in vaccines. Of Mercury.
Doctors would rather do something than do nothing because they’re afraid of being sued. That is yet another possible reason why there are many unnecessary surgeries and pill prescriptions. The fear of being sued also perpetuates the insurance industry and the legal profession.
I’d go as far to ask whether we need ANY surgeries? Perhaps only during a transition period where we’re cleaning up our environment and ourselves. But afterwards? I’m not so sure.
And please know that many vaccine critics used to vaccinate their children. Vaccines, like medicine in general, have the potential to harm us.
Chen Gai: please stop this here.
Joy-Mari Cloete: Chen Gai What should I stop? Should I stop connecting some dots?
Daniel R Pugatsky: Joy-Mari Cloete This is why the Left stays out of power. People see them governing their own little spaces (like this one) as censorious little despots and then shudder to imagine them governing a bigger space – like a country. If the moderators here censor posts, what would they do if they actually ran a country? Censor the shit out of everyone and everything on any topic they don’t like? Repeal the 1st Amendment? That’s why they don’t win anything. Because people don’t trust them with power.
Chandra Vikash: At 49 and married for 18 years with two daughters – 17 n 12, we have ZERO allopathic medicines – not even paracetamol. With robust immunity from pure and natural food, we don’t fit into the normal in the urban milieu in Delhi NCR. Our children have had only the basic vaccines, esp. since we learned about the toxins in them.
From that vantage point, I am certain that Degrowth is possible by eliminating wasteful consumption and staying healthy.

upside down world map

DISCLAIMER: Well-aware that “Join the Degrowth Revolution” is a closed group, I am sharing these transcripts in the larger interest of humanity, the common chord that connects us all irrespective of our geographies, ideologies of right and left, capitalist and communist, nomenclatures such as west and east; global north vis-a-vis global south; indigenous and non-indigenous and the most ludicrous one of “developed” vs. “developing” when we all agree that the extant Development model is flawed in its assumptions of Limitless growth (of the material economy) that JTDR members so strongly believe in. 


Primer on Systems thinking – Bushfires in Australia caused by Globl Man-Made Climate Change

“This summer’s bushfires were not just devastating events in themselves. More broadly, they highlighted the immense vulnerability of the systems which make our contemporary lives possible.

The fires cut road access, which meant towns ran out of fuel and fell low on food. Power to towns was cut and mobile phone services stopped working. So too did the ATMs and EFTPOS services the economy needs to keep running.

In a modern, wealthy nation such as Australia, how could this happen?

In answering this question, it’s helpful to adopt “systems thinking”. This approach views problems as part of an overall system, where each part relates to each other.

In other words, we need to look at the big picture.

People queue for petrol at Airlie Beach in March 2017 after Cyclone Debbie. Dan Peled/AAP

Through a systems lens

Systems are everywhere, from the coral ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef to the vast technology networks of global financial markets. In a human sense, social systems range from the small, such as a family, to large organisations or the national or global population.

The systems I mentioned just now are “complex” systems. This means they are connected to other systems in many ways. It also means a change in one part of the system, such as a bushfire in a landscape, can set off unpredicted changes in connected systems – be they political, technological, economic or social.”

Reference: No food, no fuel, no phones: bushfires showed we’re only ever one step from system collapse

Did you know how Truth Always Wins?

Ms. Popular Error (as her various suitors except One, popularly perceive her) is a beauty with brains with lots of grace and compassion but in the popular imagination too good to be True. There is no one in the City who consider themselves as eligible bachelor, who wouldn’t like to marry her. The rich and famous, intellectuals, sports stars and cine stars, you name them, they are all after the one and only Ms. Popular Error. But she chooses a non-descript environment activist popularly called as Mr. Unpopular Truth whose position in the society is at the fringe. Popular perception is that he is too much of an idealist, impractical and radical. But as fortune may have it, Ms. Popular Error decides to marry Mr. Unpopular Truth to almost everyone’s utter surprise.
Life goes on. As usual they make love, give space to each other, fight over several differences and adjust, adapt as they learn more from each other. TheN from their awesome love in deep embrace hugs and kisses, twists and turns, the beautiful child they bear is called as Popular Truth.
It always wins.
Therefore, Satyamev Jayate.

* Chandra Vikash is a systems thinker and activist. He is Convener of GAIA – Global Academy for Indigenous Activism and Chief Mentor/Innovation Coach for GAIA Innovation Labs.


LOCAL IS THE FUTURE @ Sustainable Cities Congress in Australia


Delhi-based GAIA Innovations Lab team to present sustainability and climate change solution at the prestigious New Urban Agenda and SDGs Conference in Australia on 1-2 November

Sat. 20th October 2018

local future 1

The 2nd international Implementing the New Urban Agenda and SDGs Conference will be held in partnership with the 26th EAROPH World Congress, in Newcastle, NSW on the 1st and 2nd November, 2018.This 2018 congress will be focused on the theme Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities:  Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

Out of 45 papers selected for presentation from around the world, 3 are from India. 2 of these are by GAIA Innovations lab team of Chandra Vikash and Prof. Sanjay Sharma from their centre at ABES Engineering College in Ghaziabad on Smart Neighborhoods & Localised, Abundant and Circular Economy (LACE) Model. A third paper by Sureka Yadav from DCRUST, Murthal Universityis on Smart Water Management for Traditional Indian Cities.

Localized, Abundant and Circular Economy (LACE) Model is an amalgamation of two diverse, synergistic and symbiotic approaches – a. New Urbanist Regional Planning with Smart Neighborhood Approach and b. Traditional Regional Planning with Vedic Gram Approach (Indigenous approach in India based on classical and folk traditions in the letter and spirit of United Nations Declaration for Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007).

Its key objective is to transform every rural and urban neighborhood to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in an accelerated manner. ABES – GAIA Innovation Lab as a collaboration between ABES Engineering College based in the city of Ghaziabad in Western Uttar Pradesh Province and Global Academy of Indigenous Activism (GAIA) – a social and cultural organization focused on leveraging traditional knowledge systems for accelerated achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Smart neighborhoods and Universal Livelihood Security based on every individual’s uniqueness, social and individual needs and aspirations.

This Innovation Lab will help large number of entrepreneurs and students to develop prototypes and pilot projects based on the LACE Model to create thousands of ventures directly and with a much larger impact in India and globally. There are plans afoot to set up 40 such GAIA Innovation Labs in the Delhi National Capital region that incidentally is one of world’s most polluted and environmentally challenged regions.

Towards these objectives, it is necessary that every neighborhood must use every inch of land available on ground, on terrace and basement area to become abundant in most to all their daily needs – food, water, education, healthcare, workplace, culture, sports. Other salient features of the LACE model are as follows:

Ø  Every neighborhood must endeavor to become Carbon Sinks with a time-bound target to contribute towards averting climate catastrophe.

Ø  It must eliminate any wasteful use of land and convert existing lawns and ornamental gardens to make way for vegetables, fruits, shade trees and indigenous livestock farms, for harvesting every single drop of rain water, restore its natural waterways and to eliminate, reuse, recondition, repair, recycle and upcycle all its waste – solid, liquid and gaseous within the Smart Neighborhood to become Zero-to-Landfill

Ø  It must STOP stealing water from elsewhere and reduce its dependencies in a phased but time-bound manner.

Ø  It must make adequate provisions to provide classrooms, workplaces, healthcare and marketplaces within walking or cycling distance within the neighborhood or to adjoining neighborhoods.

Ø Sufficient public space should be provided within the neighborhood for physical, social and cultural interactions with facilities and programs designed for sports, arts and culture based on traditional – classical and folk practices.

Our workshop will focus on co-creating a smart mobility LACE framework for every neighborhood – rural and urban – around the world. A multi-functional mobile app will be used by the user to access various services in their Smart Neighborhood as well as to travel to any other corner of the globe as a visitor. Participants will be asked to share their insights on what constitutes a smart neighborhood and why we need to think of Earth As A Whole even when we are making choices for our country, province, neighborhood or individual. What we give comes back to us with greater force and multiplier effects.

Issues and Concerns with High Occupancy, Shared Use of Vehicles in India

Motor vehicles in private usage are a major destroyer of two of the most constrained resources today – land space and physical time. Ironically, looked upon as a great convenience and even liberator of human race from the stifling constraints of distance and time, our dependence on prevalent usage and attitudes towards motor vehicles threatens the very survival of modern human race through multiple snowballing effects. Two of the direct impacts are:

  1. Multiple Fixed Dead Zones (FDZ) due to idly parked motor vehicles for over 95% of their lifetimes and
  2. Running Dead Zones under moving vehicles with over 80% empty seats even in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

This colossal destruction of land resource and time resource gets exponentially multiplied to create concrete graveyards which i. impede natural rainwater harvesting and recharging of freshwater reserves as well as underground aquifers, Ii. exacerbate urban heating by storing and radiating heat even during the nights and iii. further reinforce i. and ii. by not allowing indigenous forestry or water reservoir to come up there.

The land use could similarly be used for a variety of other activities such as localized waste management, food production and processing and for education, sports and culture. In our research study, we find that around 50 sq. metres per household is wasted to the Dead Zones created by prevalent motor vehicle usage. Thus for a 10,000 household neighborhood, half a million sq. floundered away. Similarly, time lost on longer and gridlocked could be invested for higher economic productivity and more quality time for the family and for the local community which adds up to more than 3 hours per day per person on an average. In many cases of online work and online shopping in non-localized models, the effective land space (ecological footprint of computing and communication infrastructure, packaging and delivery etc.) and time lost (extra hours on digital devices) is nearly the same or even more in some cases.

This is roughly the same as the shortfall of locally available land space and personal time required for the LocalisedAbundat and Circular Economy – LACE framework to create Smart Neighborhoods that are livable, sustainable and abundant (i.e. they enrich net natural resources rather than depleting them) and offer a high quality of life at the same time.

ATAL Mobile App for Smart Mobility and Neighborhood Services based on LACE* Framework

(*Localised Abundant and Circular Economy)

Our solution centers around a smart mobility system based on the LACE framework (for every neighborhood – rural and urban – around the world and a multi-functional single window mobile app called as ATAL which can be used by the user to access various services in their Smart Neighborhood as well as to travel to any other corner of the globe as a visitor. There is however in-built restraint to cut out unnecessary travel and migration.

This involves creating walking and cycling friendly zones in neighborhoods by restraining motor vehicles use other than low-powered ultra-light electric minibuses or rickshaws that do not severe walkers and cyclists. At the same time, motor vehicles have exclusive access to seamless, Right of Way network of arterial roads where slow moving modes are restrained. Like air traffic, there is a Land Traffic Control that operates and manages road and rail traffic with effective load balancing to achieve optimal speeds of 60kmph as well as safety and security with Zero Tolerance to accidents and improprieties.

On the user side, this is accessed through the ATAL mobile app described above. Besides Smart Mobility, ATAL has features for smart water management, smart waste management and smart farming, forestry and indigenous livestock management in urban and rural areas. In line with LACE framework, Smart Neighborhoods are zero-to-landfill by treating all solid and liquid waste locally and eliminating gaseous waste; zero-water-waste by tapping every drop of rain water as well as net Carbon Sinks that help us stabilize the dangerous levels of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions globally.

There is an outstanding and long unmet demand for our product and service. So no marketing effort is required. Policy advocacy effort is however required to inform and shape public opinion on how our solution approach can be an effective game-changer to address a variety of highly vexatious, frustratingly and seemingly intractable problems of traffic jams, pollution, open sewage drains, manmade disasters, desertification and global warming. The key policy changes required are in following areas:

  1. Change the Motor Vehicles Act and Land Use act to allow only walking and cycling friendly in neighborhoods by restraining motor vehicles use there other than low-powered ultra-light electric minibuses or rickshaws that do not severe walkers and cyclists
  2. Change the Motor Vehicles Act and Land Use act to allow only high speed motor vehicles on seamless network of Right of Way arterial roads. For grade separation foot over road ramp bridges are created at appropriate locations for walkers, cyclists, light-weight hand or cycle carts as well as disabled on wheel-chair only.
  3. Make it mandatory for every neighborhood to become Zero-to-Landfill and create by-laws to regulate localised recycling/up cycling of waste. Localised production units must be set up for bio-degradable substitutes for plastics and other toxic, non-biodegradable stuff.
  4. Make it mandatory for every neighborhood to become self-sufficient with respect to water by tapping every drop of rainwater, reclaiming natural sources and storing it for fair and equitable use. Deterrent Water Tax must be levied on water imported from outside the neighborhood.
  5. Atleast 60% of land space must be reserved in every neighborhood for forests. Another 10-20% must be reserved for farming, pastures and livestock sheds. There should be no impervious surface and the total built-up area including roads must be restricted to less than 20%, the lower the better.

sustainable cities australia

Annexure I

Inaugural pilot project in PalamVihar in Gurgaon in March 2006 of Smart Mobility model

In a working session to invite participation of existing transport operators in PalamVihar for the Pragati Project mentioned how existing laws came in the way of high occupancy, shared use of vehicles. The findings of the session are as follows:

  • A large number of vehicles, in PalamVihar and in other areas in Delhi NCR are operated as taxis, even if they do not have a permit.
  • Many operators cannot afford high cost and other charges related to taxis at the rates that their customers can afford or are willing to pay.
  • For many vehicles, more than 1 year but less than 3 years old and in good operating condition, which their owners would like to register as taxis. They cannot do so under the present law as vehicles are eligible for taxi permit only till 1 year after purchase, even if they are in good operating condition.
  • Unlawful use of vehicles registered as private vehicles, but plying as taxis, also has the collusion of a number of passengers who prefer to hire private vehicles rather than taxis. So as to avoid paying multiple taxes/toll charges etc. applicable for entry or period of stay in different states – Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttaranchal – for which taxis are charged much higher than private vehicles, even if they are running on high occupancy under the present law.
    • Transport operators also pointed out that they do not carry more than one or two passengers – even if they find passengers wanting to go on the same route and at same time – to avoid being pointed out at the check-posts as a taxi service and thus avoid paying taxes or penalties.
  • Even vehicles registered as taxis further require a stage carriage permit to pick and drop passengers at different points as may be required to run at high occupancy under the present law.
  • Due to the uncertain nature of this business, many of the transport operators are unable to expand their fleet. They further added that many of the unemployed village youth in the area (2 of whom attended the meeting), who see demand for additional transport service are unable to raise loans for vehicle purchase from banks and remain unemployed.

Annexure II

Petition to safeguard Right to Clean Air in Delhi National Capital as a Fundamental Right and therefore stop all sources of pollution

  1. Delhi air is dangerously polluted and its polluters are guilty of genocide. Children who tend to breath twice faster than adults and are thus even worse affected. Pregnant women, elderly and sick are facing inhumane crises.
    2. In such a scenario and getting worse every year, we shall urge the judiciary to take the most stringent action against the polluters and declare a 20-year Environmental Emergency till the time pollution abates to safe levels according to global standards.
    3. Towards this following immediate steps are proposed
    a. Make a 3km radius around every metro rail station as Car-free Zone. Only walking, bicycling, wheelchairs and ultra-light electric vehicles should be allowed within this zone.
    b. Adequate arrangements should be made to facilitate parking and maintenance of these vehicles in this Zone.
    c.Arrangements should be made to dispose of all the surplus vehicles in an eco-friendly manner.
    d.Land freed from under the earlier parked vehicles for localised water harvesting and storage, localised waste management to make Delhi Zero-to-Landfill as well as significantly enhance tree cover, vegetable and fruits gardens and indigenous livestock sheds – cows, buffaloes, horses, donkeys etc. to meet requirements of good quality milk and milk products and for manure and pest control using dung and urine.
    e.Similarly, land released will be used for localised production of household goods, and to provide education, health, justice, culture, sports etc. locally so as to provide universal livelihood security as well as to provide high quality of life.

Annexure III

Previous international papers by Chandra Vikash Global Sustainability Expert

  1. Proceedings of Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in 2004 in Japan



Urban Transport is at crossroads. Users do not get the level and quality of service that they pay for by direct or indirect means in a fair and equitable way. One road leads to MobilityXS. This is based on a pathbreaking review of our usage and attitude, environmental constraints and a comprehensive study of enabling technologies. It metamorphoses the public-private transport categories. In turn, users have a wider choice of the travel experience that they co-create and customize to personal preferences. They avail of vastly superior travel experience at a given price point in this model than at present. In a wholesome approach to our needs of a livable society, users can choose to walk or cycle comfortable distances in a friendly environment that is sequestrated of motorized traffic. Fast moving motor vehicles run uninterrupted of slow moving traffic and move much faster than at present with a combination of innovative traffic control measures and in-vehicle navigation sensors in the new system.

2. Proceedings of Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in 2009 in Sweden



We need to fundamentally rethink public roads as service markets – such as for phone, electricity, airlines, or restaurant– to provide advance booking and reservation for travel at assured speeds on selected time and routes; value plans suited to road usage levels and access privileges; travel advisory to optimize time, cost, comfort and convenience; emergency services and multiple payment options etc. Innovative use of technologies in Intelligent Transport Systems can enable these public road services. The real challenge is to detach public roads system from general tax collection and other fixed duties and charges. Simplistic and piecemeal road user “charging” schemes fail to tie the ends and have been rightly rejected in various referendums. With their multiplying effect through the transport-land use system on our time, health and our disposition and on efficiencies in goods movement, a well-evolved public road services market creates “net savings” for road users along with indirect social and ecological benefits.

sustainable transport ohio

  1. Proceedings of Workshop on Sustainable Transport with Community Solutions at Ohio, US in 2009

Short bio

Chandra Vikash (47) is a strategic thinker, innovator and innovation coach. In his work in various companies – SAIL, Arvind Mills, TCS, Mastek, Logica, Reva Electric Car Co., Erehwon Innovation Consulting and Vertebrand Brand Consulting –  and entrepreneurial ventures over past 22 years, he has always valued and upheld social and environment responsibilities as symbiotic and synergistic to commercial success, persisting against several odds and deeply entrenched perceptions.

cv cycle

At present, he is the Convenor of Global Academy for Indigenous Activism (GAIA) which is working towards mentoring and nurturing 1000 social ventures in next 12 months upto July 2019. Earlier, Vikash  founded TEN Systems in 2007, a company that develops smart and sustainable solutions in the areas of Transport, Energy and eNvironment.

His wife Alka is a Hindustani classical singer and music teacher . They have two daughters Akarshita (15) and Parnika (10). He studied for his Bachelor in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (1993) and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (1997).


Hon. Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi – 110001
Date: Tuesday 7th April 2020
Dear Narendra Bhai,
As a complex systems researcher, innovation coach and visionary, I would like to first applaud you for trying so many out of the box ideas to keep the public morale during the paralyzing Lockdown in face of the CoronaVirus Pandemic that is still unfolding.
Based on my interactions with thousands of people in India and globally, I would like to share following insights and recommendations with the Indian government. A mild non-HCID COVID-19 pandemic has been converted into a grave pandemonium due to the fatally flawed Filthy Rich dirty, polluting and diseased industrial civilization. This should settle doubts and distractions on why and how the nature-friendly scientific Indian/Hindu way of life can not only check the pandemic but also prevent more such in the future. This is both a responsibility and an opportunity for Bharat to live up to its status as a global thought leader or Vishvaguru.
Insight #1: Hospitals with their claustrophobic air-conditioning and high aerosol ambiance that carries the CoronaVirus for longer – up to 4 hrs, are becoming hotspots for local transmission globally. Doctors and healthcare staff who are getting exposed to high “viral load” are endangered and dying in greater numbers even if they are young and healthy. Esp. as most of them do not have foolproof PPE protection.
Recommendation #1: It is safer at this stage to #Lockdown all the allopathic hospitals with air-conditioning and set up Open Air Ayurvedic Mohalla Clinics managed by the Local Communities. Milder infections can be treated at home.
Insight #2: Smokers who have afflicted lungs have much higher chances of dying from COVID-19. Air Pollution in Delhi is at safe levels during the total #Lockdown. Earlier toxic and hazardous pollution level was equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. These also increase the aerosol-load in the atmosphere.
Recommendation #2: Smokers must take their own responsibility. The #Lockdown should now continue only for all kinds of polluting sources – motorcars, air-conditioners, diesel/CNG/kerosene-based power generators, coal-fired power plants, industries, landfills, and sewage drains. Alternatives must be found out locally to eliminate all these pollution with heavily enforced deterrent penalties for the violators.
Insight #3: More than 15 crores of jobs and livelihoods are lost in the preceding grinding economic slowdown and now with the CoronaVirus #Lockdown. These cannot come back from the old dirty and polluting industries that will create more Public Health hazard. This includes the 5 crores job deficit from before.

Recommendation #3: LACE Model for Localised Abundance & Circular Economy should be adopted as a Mission-mode National Policy. This will not only bolster Public Health with better locally produced and distributed natural food and nutrition and thus boost immunity, but it will also create abundant livelihood opportunities locally for all. This includes one-time redistribution of the population by making rural areas more attractive to foster reverse migration from the densely populated urban areas which are also the CoronaVirus hotspots.

mere sapno ka bharat
Insight #4: One of the big reasons for India’s poor health leading to anxiety and depression is lack of family bonding and sexual intimacy among married couples. Lockdown has enhanced family bonding and sexual intimacy by giving back their own time and removing distractions of escaping out of unhappy and distressing homes. Lockdown on Gyms and other air-conditioned claustrophobic places has been effective as these are hotspots for local transmission. Sexual health not only is a sign of vitality but also of good immunity from any kind of viral infection. Mobile phones are a big factor in lower immunity, health, and fitness – both physical and mental.
Recommendation #4: Just as you have been promoting Yoga and Ayurveda, you should also become a global ambassador for Kamasutra. You should recommend married couples to try the difficult KS positions which will bring them closer together, improve family life and boost their health, fitness and immunity. Sports, music, dance – especially classical forms should be promoted to wean away youth and children from mobile phones and boost their health, fitness, and immunity. Similarly, as you have proved old age doesn’t mean sickness. With good lifestyle practices, we can have good immunity, health, and fitness even up to 120 years of human lifespan.
Sincerely Yours,
Chandra Vikash
B.Tech IIT Kharagpur MBA IIM Calcutta
Chief Mentor & Innovation Coach
GAIA Innovation Labs
Convener – Ganga Sadbhavana Manch
A1-001, Krishna Apra Gardens, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad – 201014
M: 9582941382

ऐसे आप करते क्या हैं?

“सामाजिक कार्य तो अच्छी बात है, पर ऐसे आप करते क्या हैं ?”

कुछ समय पहले तक अगले का विचार और उसकी नीयत समझते हुए मैं उत्तर देता था कि मैनेजमेंट कंसल्टिंग करता हूँ. मैं उनसे यह नहीं कह पाता था कि इसके माध्यम से भी सामाजिक कार्य ही करता हूँ. आज मैं पूरे विश्वास से इस प्रश्न का उत्तर दे सकता हूँ.

आशा है कि यह अनुभव सामाजिक कार्यों से जुड़े अन्य मित्रों के लिए भी सहायक होगी, और बाकी लोगों कों एक नयी शुरुआत करने की प्रेरणा देगी. यह समझना इसलिए भी आवश्यक है क्योंकि आने वाले समय में सामाजिक कार्य का ही मूल्य होगा. नयी व्यवस्था में समाज के हित के विरुद्ध कार्य करने वालों का समाज में कोई स्थान नहीं होगा.

अपने पूरे जीवन काल में मैंने अपने परिवार, सम्बन्धियों, मित्रों और शुभ चिंतकों के “समय के साथ चलने” की नसीहत देने और लाख समझाने के बाद भी मैंने सामाजिक कार्य के अलावा कुछ भी नहीं किया है. व्यवहार में जरूर गलतियां हुयी हैं. लोगों के स्वार्थ, लोभ और निकट दृष्टि में उनका विश्वास और इसे सही बताने के ढीठपने से मैंने क्रोध भी किया है, अपशब्द भी कहे हैं और संयम भी खोया है. परन्तु देश और समाज के हित में किये गए कार्य को ही सही मानने का मेरा विश्वास अटल और अडिग रहा है. अब ऐसा लगने लगा है, कि जल्दी ही समय भी इस विचार के साथ चलने लगेगा.

सोशल मीडिया के माध्यम से जुड़े मित्रों के प्रेम और सराहना से मिलने वाली ऊर्जा से यह संभव हुया है. पुराने और अनेक नए मित्रों से ज्ञान और विचार के संवाद से ही आज अनेक चुनौतियों का सामना करते हुए आज हम कारखाने की नाशवान सभ्यता और इसके दुष्परिणामों का पर्दाफाश कर पाए हैं.

इसके साथ साथ आप सभी मित्रों के अथक प्रयास से नए विकल्प भी उभर कर सामने आ रहा है जिसकी मैं चर्चा करता रहा हूँ. इसी क्रम में आने वाले ९-११ अप्रैल कों कला आश्रम, आदिलाबाद के उगादि समारोह में आप सबको आमंत्रण है. रविन्द्र शर्मा “गुरूजी” के नेतृत्व में भारतीय सभ्यता और संस्कृति के स्मृति जागरण के राष्ट्रीय अभियान और देश के तेजी से बिगड़ते हालात की पृष्ठभूमि में यह कार्यक्रम महत्वपूर्ण होगा.

– 2013 के मेरे फेसबुक पोस्ट से उद्धृत. इधर कुछ वर्षों से लोगों ने पूछना बंद कर दिया है। लगता है उन्हें बात हलक में उतर गयी। 😊😊