The Matrix – Reality Bytes

Waking up from my afternoon siesta
As I open my eyes
Smile in utter bliss
At a thought that comes and goes
It leaves my mind bewildered
On how unreal the “reality” is.

Lots more interesting and fascinating
Than a period drama on the screen
Or a nail-biting psycho-thriller
A virtual cliff hanger
That keeps us on our toes
Till the last scene.

For the eternal observer
This is business as usual
The story starts
From before the “beginning”
And carries on and on
Till even after the “end”.

As the unbounded wholeness 
Of the cosmo-genesis
Keeps unfolding eternally
In its layered and mired epochs
With the short lifespans
Of our mortal bodies
Limitations of our senses 
And the mind warped
The “reality” is not always
What it seems
We can’t see with our naked eyes
What lies hidden and behind the scenes.

This is where a new game begins 
Of erroneous realities that we popularly believe in
And the unpopular truth of the real real
Of checkered memories
Shaped by the folklores of the indigenous
And history convoluted by the conquerors’ moles.

To keep a long story short
Let us cut to the chase
And zoom in to the present
Discerning through its labyrinthine maze.

Barbarism now dons
The cloak of “advanced civilization”
Littered with fiscal sorcery and techno-wizardry
Iced with slogans of liberty freedom and development
Behind the veil of “independent” nations however
A Deep State lurks behind.

First, the Commons are plundered
And the rights are taken away
The Community is divided to be ruled
The resisters are butchered and imprisoned
The colluders are kept on pay.

There is a semblance of justice system too
As a safety valve to let out the steam
The burden of proof
Lies heavily on the commoners
To sift the truth
From the cobweb of lies 
That interpret the cleverly drafted Constitutions
And the thick volumes of legal precedence
That keeps growing ream upon ream.

The library of knowledge is now controlled
By a delusional Illuminati
Which controls the internet 
It discredits the anti-library
Of indigenous traditions and knowledge.

“Reality” is now a puppet show
Where the perpetrators control 
With invisible purse strings
And mock at the truth
With a thousand lies
Bombarded thru’ the propaganda machine. 

Civilizations rise
And civilizations wane
Truth always prevails
Time and again.

  • Chandra Vikash



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