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Gaia Perspective on Pathways to World Federation by One World – 25 lecture series by Oded Gilad and Dena Freeman

12 December 2022

To: Oded Gilad


Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation on One World. They have been very enriching for me to develop an even more holistic perspective, even as I have different viewpoint that I would like to share and invite feedback and suggestions. This reinforces why One World is more enriching for all of us instead of being imprisoned inside ‘sovereign nation-states’ that are enslaved by the global oligarchy. A very tricky and treacherous situation that is not only suffocative and miserable already but also increasingly a dangerous threat to our existence.

World government is an idea whose time has come. As Convenor for Gaia Earth Sansad, thinking in this direction, here is one such way forward on pathways to world federation adapted from a 1952 Declaration by spiritual leader and founder of Vihangam Yoga, with over 60 million followers in 50 countries worldwide.

I would also like to share with you this email I sent to our External Affairs Minister in India.

From: Oded Gilad

Dear Chandra – namaste!

Thank you for your good words and for the document you shared. I encourage you in your important work of spreading this message, which is literally the most important in the world.

You might find our other lectures in the series, and maybe particularly this one, also helpful.

Best wishes,


To: Oded Gilad

Thank you Oded,

I have seen the one you referred to on JL Nehru’s vision as well as much of the 25 lectures to get a gist of overall thrust and substance.

The key pointers to where I have different view are as follows:

1. Trusteeship : This must be as a pillar stone of the world government. With all due regards, coming from a euro-centric context, the contractual checks and balances, framed in legalese, cannot substitute a deeply ingrained culture and spirit of trusteeship throughout the organisation. In indigenous terms, we have a concept of Aapt Purush, where one person embodies the well-being of all of humanity and fellow beings. They put the well-being of all others before their own. With that kind of leadership, governance is both simple, effective and far-reaching.

2. Bold and decisive global political reforms: We need to breakaway from the present ‘sovereign nation-states’ and ‘foreign and external affairs’ mindset for rest of the world, where our patriotism is for Mother Earth as sovereign. Keeping in view climate and ecological imperative, we must also commit to create localised abundance and circular economies in the local communities, and where conditions are not favourable for naturally localised human habitation, we must prepare to move out from such areas to more habitable areas. This is reflected in the One world state, 80 provinces with 50 districts/community-states in each province with population of 2 million each.

3. Justice for overt and covert Crimes against Humanity by the Global Oligarchy: People around the world are crying out for justice and equality after centuries of gross injustice. Even as we must bear forgiveness in our hearts, the new global judiciary must provide for appropriate justice and penal action, neither more nor less. This will infuse and instil great confidence and enthusiasm through humankind to rebuild, repair and restore our natural ecosystems and human habitats, systems and structures. Truth always wins.

What is a good time for an online meeting with you and your team in next few days for further exploration and building a shared vision?

Best regards,



Gaia Perspective on Earth Constitution Draft by Prof Glen Martin WCPA

Date: 09 December 2022
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Subject: Feedback and Suggestions – Earth Constitution Draft

Dear Prof Martin,
Dear All,

Please find a review and suggestions to the draft Earth Government Constitution for speedy and effective implementation and functioning in response to the Emergency situation created by the Covid and Climate Lockdowns, Ukraine War, China Uprising and Central Bank Digital Currency with programmable expenditure. Burdened by the legacy of ‘sovereign nation-sates’ in an era of intense globalisation, world government is urgently needed than ever before. It is an idea whose time has come.

Ref: The Constitution for the Federation of Earth: A Diverse Global Village or World Uniformity?

By Prof Glen T. Martin ( Link : )

(My feedback and suggestions in blue)

2. Design of the Earth Constitution Pg 3

Study of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth reveals that the principle of unity in diversity is built into the structure of the emerging Earth Federation government from beginning to end.

CV: Fully agree with the core principle of Unity in Diversity. I would like to make the following suggestions on the structure and election process for a grassroots-to-global Earth government.

The process should begin with the formation of a Steering Committee with 5-7 members from among founders who are dedicated to this vision and mission and an earliest possible publicly announced timeline in response to the global emergency situation. Starting with the Global Oneness Design 2-member Steering Committee, we should invite 3-5 more members who can work together from a single location – in Rajkot. The Steering Committee will be tasked with raising the funds, talking to state actors starting with the Union Government of India and State Government of Gujarat and to form the secretariat to look after various functions of the Earth Government. 

The Steering Committee will screen all the candidates, who have to fulfill the eligibility criteria for their character and capabilities set and reviewed by the Earth government, as due checks and balances. It will form the Executive body, with a deeply ingrained spirit of Trusteeship, with a World President and Global Council of Ministers.  

I. The World Parliament includes a House of Peoples with delegates from 1000 electoral districts worldwide, roughly equal in population. 

CV: 4000 electoral districts of ~2 million (+/- 10%) population each. These Community-States (CS) based on the LACE (Localized Abundance and Circular Economy) model  are direct democracies where the Head of Community-State is directly elected first through consensus and only if that fails, through voting. The Head will form the Council of Ministers for various roles and responsibiities. They constitute the House of Peoples.  

Ii. The House of Nations includes delegates from all the nations of the world and the Constitution does not prohibit the creation of more nations if we wish to recognize additional diversity among states, for example, a Kurdish state, a Palestinian state, or an Uyghur state. 

CV: 80 Provinces of ~100 million (+/- 10%) each. Each Province is formed with 50 CS.  These 50 elected representatives elect one Head of Province through consensus (including Open House sessions for public consultation) and only if that fails, through voting. These 80 representatives constitute the Legislative Assembly.  

Iii. The third house is the House of Counselors, 200 representatives chosen from 20 World Electoral Regions and again representing the diversity of humankind.

CV: 11 member Peace & Harmony Council, who will mediate in all the conflict zones as well as on contended issues among various parties to meet the overall objective of justice, equality, peace and overall progress of human society. The Steering Committee will screen the nominations for the 11 member council and select from among them. In case, 11 suitable candidates are not selected in the first round, further rounds of nominations will be called. 

Iv. No main agency established under the Earth Constitution is headed by one person. Every agency or department is required to have a presidium of 5 leaders, one from each continental division of our planet.

CV: The Steering Committee in the spirit of Unity in Diversity, will entrust responsibility and authority in single individuals for accountability and decisive action. The House of Peoples and the Legislative Council will have proportional representation from around the world. The Peace & Harmony Council will constitute people with high level of spiritual awakening and intelligence, regardless of their geographical location.

In this light, I would also like to share this presentation adapted from a 1952 declaration by seer-scientist and spiritual leader Sadguru Sadafaldev Maharaj on this link here for your feedback and suggestions. 

Best regards,
Chandra Vikash
PGDM – 1995-97 (32nd batch)
B.Tech. IIT Kharagpur
Convenor – Gaia Earth Sansad

Indigenous Wisdom on Human Population Balance

Many thinkers and experts around the world today are worried that unabated growth in the human population will lead to scarcity of food, basic amenities and to catastrophic climate and ecological degradation. If the tide of human population growth continues in this way, then how will the global human society get food and clothes? This was also the prime justification for the Covid ‘vaccine’ to depopulate what the dehumanising and despiritualising forces believe to be excess human population. This has destroyed the moral authority of medical science as well as of governments, corporate and media who colluded to fool the people and instill fear of a dubious pandemic to take the vaccine. Now the same government is now blaming the people for not being aware of their side-effects after a spate of sudden deaths – heart attacks, brain hemorrhage, paralysis, loss of fertility and leading to mental depression and suicidal tendencies among the vaccinated.

Putting aside indigenous wisdom and practices as backward, voodoo science and as underdeveloped, modern medical science has thought out the method of artificial birth control. They say that by cutting off a special vein in men and women, the semen does not fall, nor does it fertilize inside the egg. In that state, even if there is love union between man and woman, there will be no offspring.

Men and women are happily engaged in the artificial birth control methods (including more recent use of condoms, delaying marriage or abstaining from love union altogether), but this is demonic intuition and intelligence. (Unfulfilled men and women, unless they follow the discipline of brahmacharya, tend to be highly consumerist.) This is not human life and human conscience. This is not human sentiment or human spirit. If we understand the importance of indigenous wisdom from our sages and the elderly, human dignity will remain, otherwise the world will continue to hurtle towards its dehumanizing and despiritualising downfall.

 You attain inner strength and force by attaining shum, dum and spiritual qualities. With these, you can rule and influence the material things in life. In the light of soul-spiritual knowledge, when through the practice of yoga, the practitioners master pure conscious power, then they can master over all the material things as well. In that state, the mind, senses etc. start running everywhere under the rules and guidance of the soul. May you be victorious over the mind by guruyukti vidhan. Peace of mind is ‘Shum’ and control of senses is ‘Dum’. When the objects of the senses do not arise even when the objects of the senses are with you, this is ‘Dum’. After getting self-realization, after getting self-confidence, you get self-strength. The natural work of all the above worlds and the love union of man and woman becomes just a sport. The soul of a yogi becomes skillful and skillful in all his works. That’s why you take the support of Guru Yukti Yoga art. It is an equal right of both men and women. 

Due to the fear of material scarcity and deprivation, the modern world wants that there should be a love union between a man and a woman in the world, but there should be no fall of semen, no conception, no growth of progeny. The feeling is that we should enjoy the subject, but children should not come, our expenses should not increase. To fulfill this feeling, Indians and the world should come to the spiritual field and come and do their spiritual healing. All their wishes and desires will be fulfilled. 

Semen does not fall in any way even after making love union with a hundred beautiful girls in a sequence through various experiments of Yoga-kala, Kalpa-kala, Koka-kala, hypnosis. What do people want? This is what they want. Indians should not get their veins cut with their bad sense, rather follow the great science of their sages. Do not fall into the vicious circle of modern science, otherwise life will be destroyed and there will be downfall in every way.

In all kind of worldly affairs, it is essential for every human being to attain their soul power through spiritual knowledge and practice. On attaining self-confidence, all work will be easy and accessible. If you want to have or do not want to have children, then everything will be according to your wish. Don’t get your veins cut in ignorance (or fall prey to false propaganda in case of slow killing and sterilizing Covid vaccine). Having special discretion like this will allow couples to give birth to children, as they want. You become an expert in progeny if you keep practicing the right way. 

For the increase of food supply in the world, so that the earth gives more food, we should learn from indigenous wisdom and treat the soil appropriately. In order to increase the fertility of the earth, there is a predominance of havan-yajna in the Vedas, which should be done scientifically. The one who is an expert in earth, air, sun rays, is a scientist, should perform havan-yajna. Mother Earth will give enough food and there will be no scarcity of food and other resources for our well-being. Indigenous wisdom contained in the Vedas are a storehouse of scientific knowledge. It is a pity that there are no proficient Vedic scholars in the world. The dehumanizing and despiritualising questions confounding humanity will abate once there are rishis (seer-scientists) of mantras (sacred intonations) among us. If we can find the Sadguru (the teacher who leads us to the truth)  and walk in their light, our world will definitely get better. 

This was the key to how the human population worldwide was in a steady state growing from half a billion at the start of the Common Era to less than 2 billion at the turn of the 20th Century. It is only in the last hundred years of unbridled industrialisation and simultaneous rise of dehumanizing and despiritualising forces that the human population has grown 4-fold, from 2 billion in 1920 to the present population of 8 billion, a mark that was officially registered on 15 November 2022. Hopefully, humanity has learnt its lessons by now. We know what the problems are and how we can solve them together. 

(Adapted from Manav-Dharma – a compilation of spiritual discourse by Sadguru Sadafaldeo Maharaj, founder of Vihangam Yoga Sansthan)