Gaia Perspective on Pathways to World Federation by One World – 25 lecture series by Oded Gilad and Dena Freeman

12 December 2022

To: Oded Gilad


Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation on One World. They have been very enriching for me to develop an even more holistic perspective, even as I have different viewpoint that I would like to share and invite feedback and suggestions. This reinforces why One World is more enriching for all of us instead of being imprisoned inside ‘sovereign nation-states’ that are enslaved by the global oligarchy. A very tricky and treacherous situation that is not only suffocative and miserable already but also increasingly a dangerous threat to our existence.

World government is an idea whose time has come. As Convenor for Gaia Earth Sansad, thinking in this direction, here is one such way forward on pathways to world federation adapted from a 1952 Declaration by spiritual leader and founder of Vihangam Yoga, with over 60 million followers in 50 countries worldwide.

I would also like to share with you this email I sent to our External Affairs Minister in India.

From: Oded Gilad

Dear Chandra – namaste!

Thank you for your good words and for the document you shared. I encourage you in your important work of spreading this message, which is literally the most important in the world.

You might find our other lectures in the series, and maybe particularly this one, also helpful.

Best wishes,


To: Oded Gilad

Thank you Oded,

I have seen the one you referred to on JL Nehru’s vision as well as much of the 25 lectures to get a gist of overall thrust and substance.

The key pointers to where I have different view are as follows:

1. Trusteeship : This must be as a pillar stone of the world government. With all due regards, coming from a euro-centric context, the contractual checks and balances, framed in legalese, cannot substitute a deeply ingrained culture and spirit of trusteeship throughout the organisation. In indigenous terms, we have a concept of Aapt Purush, where one person embodies the well-being of all of humanity and fellow beings. They put the well-being of all others before their own. With that kind of leadership, governance is both simple, effective and far-reaching.

2. Bold and decisive global political reforms: We need to breakaway from the present ‘sovereign nation-states’ and ‘foreign and external affairs’ mindset for rest of the world, where our patriotism is for Mother Earth as sovereign. Keeping in view climate and ecological imperative, we must also commit to create localised abundance and circular economies in the local communities, and where conditions are not favourable for naturally localised human habitation, we must prepare to move out from such areas to more habitable areas. This is reflected in the One world state, 80 provinces with 50 districts/community-states in each province with population of 2 million each.

3. Justice for overt and covert Crimes against Humanity by the Global Oligarchy: People around the world are crying out for justice and equality after centuries of gross injustice. Even as we must bear forgiveness in our hearts, the new global judiciary must provide for appropriate justice and penal action, neither more nor less. This will infuse and instil great confidence and enthusiasm through humankind to rebuild, repair and restore our natural ecosystems and human habitats, systems and structures. Truth always wins.

What is a good time for an online meeting with you and your team in next few days for further exploration and building a shared vision?

Best regards,



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