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Why Only The Indigenous Shall Survive

Many people have questioned why I keep reiterating ONLY THE INDIGENOUS SHALL SURVIVE.

Simply because that is the only way to live in joy and healthy abundance on this exquisitely beautiful blue and green planet that like all beautiful things is also delicate and fragile and turns into its tiny pale self when confronted with the monstrous Human Hubris of those who identify themselves as non-indigenous to Mother Earth.

It does have a masterstroke though as it turns into what the classical indigenous wisdom calls as Kaali. In that form, it brutally devastates everything that comes in its way including the indigenous themselves, except those who realize their capacity to rise to immense strength intelligence and perseverance to overpower the evil forces whose prime purpose is to destroy all life and like the proverbial Bhasmasur, destroy itself.

Are we game?

Here is a low down on Yajna that captures the essence of the classical and cosmopolitan indigenous indian indios indus al-Hind or Hindu way of life, as you may like to interpret this.

The indigenous tradition of Yajna is the art and science of giving up your personal consumption now for the benefit of the local community regional society and humanity as a whole as well as all beings in the environment in the entire cosmo-genesis in all times to come in smaller or larger ways.

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Simple but profound truths. As you give up for the future, with time The GigaFactory of Nature produces its bounties of exponential growth that naturally comes to us.

The secret to a balle balle life. 

OTOH, if you nip in the bud, you can never find the flowers and fruits that these buds would bloom into. Do your own maths. However mean and selfish you wish to be if you are not overcome by hubris ignorance and delusion or have not given in to despair and disillusionment, you just can’t miss this abundant withdrawals that the “unreserved” Mother Nature’s Bank of Bounties gives each one of us from the time we are born on this blue green planet that is Earth as a whole.

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In case you are worrying about Amazon and as big forests burning in Africa Arctic and elsewhere, take heart. Take them in your heart. That has only made our task easier and cut out. Disown the evil nation-states and their parochial short-sighted national “laggards” (STOP addressing them as leaders) who are cutting the Goose that lays Golden Eggs.



Om Shanti!