Global Academy for Indigenous Activism 


#WeAreAllIndigenous Webinar Series 

(Every Sunday & Wednesday)

in collaboration with Gaia Earth Sansad and World Council for Health (proposed)

Sunday 15 May 2022 8pm-10pm IST
The Yin & Yang of Being Indigenous 
Resolving Covid Crises at a Spiritual Level

With a focus on Sri  Lanka and numerous such erupting hotspots precipitated by the Covid crises sweeping across the globe, i shall also invite other speakers to explore how do they see:
– the yin and the yang playing out, igniting our imagination to reconnect with our common indigenous roots on Mother Earth- to turn the myriad global regional and local crises on its head 

as we reclaim the indigenous as the soul of humanity and 

– to transcend it based on the Gaia Nation mission as an emergency response to resolve the Covid Crises at the spiritual level.Join Zoom Meeting

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Passcode: 452552
Gaia Earth Sansad
Earth Keepers Connect
We shall begin the program with Dr Pri Bandara as the first speaker. Each speaker addresses for 12 minutes initially before we open the discussion followed by Q&A with the audience. I shall also kindly request all other speakers to join the link by 7:50pm India Time. Please find session structure as follows:8:00-8:10 pm Introduction and Welcome address by Host Chandra Vikash 8:10pm-8:22pm Dr Pri Bandara- medical researcher/educator Founder – Ayubowan Health & Lifestyle Education, Australia8:22pm-8:34pm Gona Singh – health activist Co-founder – Awaken India Movement, India8:34pm-8:46pm Dr Mark Trozzi Covid-19 researcher, author, educator, and activist Co-founder World Council for Health, Canada8:46pm-8:58pm Shannon Hill – writer/artist Founder Wake Up Human, USA8:58pm-9:10pm Maseko Menzi writer/poet Co-founder Institute of Afrikology

9:10pm-9:50pm Open Discussion and Q&A  with audience 

9:50pm-10:00pm Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks by Co-Host Darryl D’Souza 

Corona Mahapanchayat Web Series   5th – 7th April, 2022 Day 1               

Agenda: Covid Pandemic & the enveloping Humanitarian Crises – What are the ‘Better Ways’ Forward for Humanity as a whole?

Date: Tuesday 5th April 2022
Time: 07:00pm IST (GMT +0530hrs)

For Speakers Kindly join Tuesday 5th April, 2022 by 6.50PM IST

For Participants: 
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