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The Road Ahead for GAIA Earth Sansad – I

What should be a people-led Emergency Response to UN failure to prevent Third World War amidst the unfolding geopolitical crises, bio-fascism and ecological catastrophe

Are we witnessing a specter of mass hypnosis under the guise of Pandemic Control leading to Colony Collapse Disorder, as it happens with bee colonies when they lose their navigation intelligence due to infringement from EMF radiation hazard? This is far more alarming than a conventional Third World War.

GAIA Earth Sansad (GES) is a people-led ‘Emergency Response’ to address the global health and ecological crises that has brought Humanity to the brink of extinction. Its express purpose is to present a suitable alternative of a truly democratic and representative world body that transcends the present maladies created by the abject failure of the prevailing United Nations system.

GES is conceptualised based on nearly two decades of observation and research on the impacts of globalisation and on providing both incremental and transformational solutions to global problems that has evolved as the LACE-GAIA Model. In this model, we also propose a one-time population redistribution to balance human habitats with their natural population carrying capacity for ecologically responsible as well as restorative living. This includes trainer’s training programs and overall capacity building to create win-win for both the skilled migrants and for the host countries.

The need to form a new world body arises from a deep-dive investigation into the role of the United Nations, on how its conduct over this considerably long period betrays its own Charter in over 75 years of its existence:


·  to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and

·  to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

·  to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and

·  to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom’

Over the past 18 months of the Covid Pandemic, there is clinching evidence of the highly questionable conduct of United Nations, especially its agency World Health Organisation (WHO) raising suspicions about its true intent and moral character.  WHO, whose stated objective is ‘to connect nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health’ has done just the opposite with ill-informed and misleading Covid Protocols rife with medical malpractice, hiding its real intent of deceptive psychological and biological warfare against the people of all nations, in what is unambiguously a Third World War.  

In such a grim and grave situation, we the co-founders of GAIA Earth Sansad call upon all of Humanity to rise to the occasion. We are looking for suitable candidates as Regional Coordinators / Co-founders from each of the GES Regions that correspond to ~ 600 million population each for a total global human population of ~7.8 billion. Their broad roles and responsibilities are as follows:

1. To propagate the need for GES in their respective regions as an Emergency Response and to further its agenda to stay true to the UN Charter, as shared above.

2. To form a team and set up a Regional Program Office.

3. To appoint CNS Directors for 5-7 sub-regions with a population of ~100 million that form Community of Nation-States in case of smaller countries and of provinces in case of large oversized ones. 

4. To participate in the forthcoming #H13Summit2021 in the month of October.

5. To coordinate grassroots demonstration projects in their region for capacity building and to implement the LACE model.

The Road Ahead

Development of LACE-GAIA model with key salient features as follows: a. Motoring Tracks not Cycling Tracks b. Transform brownfield to greenfield c. In a cradle to cradle approach it not only reduces GHG emissions but create effective Carbon Sinks world over to heal climate and ecological damage d. Appropriate but limited duration use of modern technology in the transition period till Peak Civilization of Sone ki Chidiya is restored.

2001-2021 Development and Attempted Implementation phase
Setting the ground for its  adoption worldwide; Already presented in workshops in 14 states in India and in 6 different countries in past 20 years; 4 international papers on various aspects of LACE-GAIA Model – United Kingdom 2003; Japan, 2004; Singapore 2005; Sweden 2009; United States (Ohio), 2009; Canada 2017; Australia, 2019
Covid Crises as an admission of collapse of modern industrial anti-civilization but leaving large section of human population afflicted by mass psychosis due to prolonged exposure; Blessings in disguise – Creates opportunity to transcend present maladies to a livable equitable and sustainable world and usher towards a holistic and harmonious world order.

2021-2031 First Cultural Revolution
From Car Culture to Cycling Culture with LACE-GAIA model
By 2031 global human population will decrease from 7.8 billion to 6 billion. Many of the avant garde city dwellers will adopt ways as forest dwellers as cities from their very dense core begin to give up cars and turn into forest cities. The projected proportions of global population by 2031 is as follows:
City:1 billion Village: 4 billion Forest: 1 billion

2031-2041 Second Cultural Revolution
From Cycling Culture to Pastoral Culture with LACE-GAIA model
By 2041 Population 6 billion to 5 billion
City: 0.5 billion :: Village 3 billion :: Forest & Pastures 1.5 billion

2041-2061 First Civilizational Leap
Deadstock Civilization to Livestock Civilization (cows goats sheep camel) Pastoral Culture to Forest Culture (Tribal)By 2061 Population 5 billion to 4 billion
City 0.35 billion :: Village 2.65 billion :: Forest 1 billion

2061-2081 Second Civilizational Leap
Augmented Livestock Civilization(Horses, Elephants, Camels…)Forest Culture (Tribal) to Deep Forest Culture (Aranya Sanskriti)
By 2081 Population in steady-state at 4 billion 
City 0.25 billion :: Village 2.5 billion :: Forest 1.25 billion

2081-2100 Peak Civilization and steady-state (Arrival of Golden Era)
Sone ki Chidiya (Restoration of Peak Civilization levels upto 1600 AD as per peer reviewed research for that period and notably the works of Dadabhai Naoroji)
City 0.1 billion :: Village 2.4 billion :: Forest 1.5 billion

1. Agenda For Genuine Progress Sept 2001
2. Current pandemonium due to fatally flawed, filthy rich, polluting industrial civilization, April 2020
3. The Derailment Of Western Civilization – Does It Need A Bail-Out? Oct 2009
4. Importance of indigenous learning to achieve UN goal of combating desertification, drought Oct 2018

contd. The Road Ahead for GAIA Earth Sansad II

For more details, contact:

Chandra Vikash
Convenor – GAIA Earth Sansad
mobile: +91 8595397609 (whatsapp/telegram/signal)
twitter: @GSansad
Coalition Partners:
World Council for Health – GAIA Earth Sansad

(With feedback and inputs from our key alliance partners Allama Syed A Tariq, Founder-President of – WORK – , Darry D’Souza, Earth Keepers Connect – and Dr Mark Trozzi – WCH – )