Chandra Vikash

Bio: Chandra Vikash (50) is an indigenous thinker, activist and innovation coach. He is the Co-founder and Convenor of GAIA Earth Sansad - http://www.gaiasansad.org and Chief Mentor and Innovation Coach for GAIA Innovation Labs. Working with diverse social political and environmental organisations and entrepreneurial ventures over past 25 years, he has always valued and upheld social and environment responsibilities as synergistic to commercial success, persisting against several odds and deeply entrenched perceptions. He set up TEN Systems in 2007, a venture that develops smart and sustainable solutions in the areas of Transport, Energy and eNvironment. His wife Alka, vocalist and music teacher and two daughters Akarshita (18) and Parnika (13) who are his inspiration to build a brave and bright new world. He studied for his Bachelor in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (1993) and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (1997). Milestones: 2000: Invited as a Global Growth Company at World Economic Forum conference in New Delhi 2002: Collaborated with IIT Bombay Prof. Subhash Babu in Mechanical Engg. Deptt. . Sponsored M.Tech. project on simulation of eco-friendly and user-friendly movement of people and goods in residential and other densely populated areas using a hub and spoke mechanism. 2003: Paper presented at Map India Conference titled Variegated System of Mass Rapid Transit: An innovation that changes the "Familiar World" of Urban Transport online here. 2003: Joined Mastek Software Ltd. To set up a practice for Intelligent Transport System as youngest unit head. Worked on the London Congestion Charging System and design of a comprehensive transport-land use system for other areas based on stakeholder’s feedback 2004: Joined Tata Consultancy Services as Business Leader for Intelligent Transport Systems for global market. Worked on various opportunities in the area of ITS especially road user charging. 2004: Presented paper at Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Nagoya, Japan titled MOBILITYXS: A. ROAD AHEAD FOR URBAN TRANSPORT online here. 2006: Set up TEN Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. to commercialise the MobilityXS model in India as a pioneering initiative to build a world class, high quality and cost effective Integrated Transport & Land-Use System in Indian cities as a National Lifeline Grid. The first opportunity we pursued was a tender for Transport Planning framework for 35 of the million plus population cities in India. In this tender, our proposal based on a Real Time Travel Diary Study for transport data collection was adjudged by the best approach by all the 3 panelists. We however lost out on the financial bid, after several inconsistencies in the tender (such as reversal by the tender committee on its declaration to invite fresh financial bid based on the best technical approach) as well as awarding the contract at a very low price, which was eventually rubbished. 2006: Pilot project initiative in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon with great support from the Resident Welfare Association. We organized a public consultation workshop for user feedback and suggestions to design an appropriate transport system. In the first phase, we planned to start a feeder service from various pockets in a 3-4 sq.km. residential area to the nearest Metro Rail station in Dwarka Sector 9. We also set up a high density cycle stand that would be replicated in the area for younger people to cycle to the pick-up point. The Urban Development ministry had committed Rs. 25 Lacs for this pilot project. However, it could not take off at that time due to a variety of factors, primarily the high cost and low efficiency of Electric Vehicles and an archaic and regressive policy that charges toll for intermediate public transport of Rs. 25/- per trip, but exempts private vehicles. As a result many private vehicles were being used as taxis to evade this toll, but had a problem carrying multiple occupants for the fear of being caught at the toll plaza. 2006-07: Worked as Adviser to the Chairman for Marketing of Electric Vehicles with Reva Electric Car Co. Designed EV-based system for various apartment complexes, University campuses and Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010. Worked on a project for promotion of Electric bikes and scooters in India and to strengthen the Electric Vehicle Association of India. 2007: Developed the 124 Fuelsaver system for energy security through better fuel pricing based on activity costing and to facilitate greater energy efficiency and substitution with renewable energy sources to meet our current and future needs. Proposed a solution for implementation to Petroleum Conservation Research Agency. This was once again set back due to irregularities in the Petroleum Ministry and Heavy Industries Ministry that favored a continuation of perverse and regressive subsidy for diesel based private vehicles including luxury vehicles. Article published in Down to Earth environment magazine published by Center for Science & Environment here. 2008: Worked with Erehwon Innovation Consulting on a project on Incusive Growth that further expanded the horizons for the implementation of the MobilityXS model as a National Lifeline Grid in urban and in rural areas. 2009-10: Developed a branding and communication strategy with Vertebrand brand consulting company in Bangalore as Head of Innovation & Communication. Paper selected for Inelligent Transport System at Stockholm in Sweden titled ‘Public roads as service markets: paving the way for Civilization 2.0’ online here. Worked with Logica – European IT co. in Intelligent Transport System to develop products for pay-as-you-drive insurance and for emission monitoring with the Global Innovation Practice. 2011: Presentations and public consultation in various states across India : Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and recently at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh 2012: Restarting of TEN Systems based on a fresh assessment that with disproportionately higher number of private vehicles that is creating tremendous value destruction b’coz of a Tragedy of Commons. Pilot projects planned for Vaishali, Ghaziabad and in Kandivali, Mumbai. 2017: Paper on "Gurukul and Varna Vyavastha: Socialisation and Personalisation of Education in Indigenous System in India" selected for World Indigenous People Conference on Education 2017 at Toronto representing India. 2018: Paper presented on LACE-GAIA model at World Congress on New Urbanism in October 2019 at NewCastle City in Australia 2021: Co-founded GAIA Earth Sansad

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