Corona Mahapanchayat

‘Injustice to one is injustice to all’

Approach Note

1. We, Indigenous people and Indians, are conducting a criminal investigation in accordance with the proceedings of the Corona Mahapanchayat for the protection of our fundamental rights, to protect our children and our progeny as provided by the Indian Constitution. This mahapanchayat will serve as a model legal action against “leaders, organizers, instigators and other associates” against whom there is strong evidence of COVID-19 crimes. These persons are accused of colluding with international mafia gangs in the construction and execution of this massive conspiracy to fraudulently spread disease, kill and loot hundreds of millions of people of India through corruption and deceit under the guise of Covid pandemic. – actively participated in, aided, or abetted by collusion.

2. This inquiry is of the people, by the people and for the people and will be referred to as the ‘Corona Mahapanchayat‘, akin to People’s Grand Jury elsewhere. Due to the inability to get proper and timely justice from the courts of the present system and unable to find the proper court to hear the actual evidence, we are taking this action outside the present system and on the basis of natural law. It is based on our conviction that everyone can easily differentiate between good and bad and between right and wrong.

3. The allegation is that the governments of the world have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. They colluded to stage a pandemic conspiracy they had been planning for years. For this they deliberately created massive panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation which they conveyed through corporate media.

4. The purpose of this mass panic was to goad the population to so-called “vaccinations”, which in the meantime have proved to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even fatal for many, with difficult to trace time intervals. After a huge loss of adults, now they want to give this poisonous vaccine to 12 to 14 year old children and destroy the indigenous progeny of India, grab the land and all the resources here, weaken the remaining people and suppress them and to enslave them again.

5. The economic, social and health damage caused by these inhuman crimes to the world’s population can be measured in about 80 quadrillion Indian rupees INR (1 quadrillion US dollars) according to available international estimates. With about 15% of the world’s population, the economic, social and health loss to India is estimated at 12 million billion INR.

6. Advocates appointed by the public, under the aegis of the Jury Council, selected with the help of many highly respected scientists and experts of India, will conduct this Corona Mahapanchayat and thereby provide a complete picture of these crimes against humanity to the people of India.

7. The Corona Mahapanchayat to be organised soon in New Delhi, the capital of India, has a dual purpose: to act as a model action against criminals and civilly responsible persons working against humanity on the one hand. to receive an indictment. On the other hand, by showing the complete picture including the present geo-political and historical background – to make the people of India aware about the following points:

  • The factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, consequently,
  • The need for the indigenous people of India to take back their sovereignty
  • Disregard all unreasonable government restrictions imposed in the name of the corona pandemic, and
  • The need to start a holistic and sustainable indigenous system including health, education, economy, judiciary, so that our constitution and implementation of the directives of the United Nations Declaration for Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) passed in the United Nations General Assembly in 2007 by all the countries of the world including the Government of India, on the basis of which India can re-establish democracy and just rule of religion.

On behalf of Corona Bhrashtachar Unmoolan Sangharsh Vahini:

Chandra Vikash
Convenor – GAIA Earth Sansad 
m: +91 8595397609. twitter: @GSansad
email: gaiasansad@chandravikash
GAIA – Global Academy for Indigenous Activism

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